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Using OPRAmachine to file public records requests without the hassle
Aug 21, 2018 2:00 PM

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. Municipal Tax Abatements Policy Briefing. In Election 2017: The Policy Priorities of New Jersey College Students, William J. Hughes Center for Public Policy at Stockton University., 2017.



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I presented a free webinar at Montclair University on streamlining public records requests


Using one of my own public records requests as example, I show how you can find out information that was redacted when public officials mess up.


I was interviewed about my work with OPRA and public records for the August, 2018 edition of the newsletter of the Association of Environmental Authorities of New Jersey, which represents local and county utilities authorities.


New channels added to my cloud-based software defined trunked radio scanner.


I was recently interviewed about some of the legal & technical challenges the OPRAmachine team has encountered while running the site.



Things I am working on or have created



New Jersey’s first statewide freedom of information platform

Ocean County Radio Live

Online SDR trunked radio scanner & archive for Ocean County, NJ

Forked River Amateur Radio Club

HAM radio club serving the greater Forked River, NJ area


New Jersey public corruption whistleblowing initiative

Ocean County Politics

Political news and commentary for the Jersey Shore

Toms River 911 Call Explorer

Website to show Toms River Fire District 1 calls for service

OPRA Requests

My recent Open Public Records Act requests

Requests obtained from my profile on OPRAmachine:


Courses I have assisted in teaching

Ocean County College (Fall, 2017 semester):

  • ALDC 102 - Addictions Counseling II

In this class, working with Professor Jack Brogan, I participated in an exercise that saw the students create their own jobs program for recovering addicts. Given the pervasiveness of the opioid epidemic in Ocean County, participating in this class gave me a unique perspective on the various solutions to the addiction crisis. I also provided technology assistance throughout the semester to this class, and helped to modernize the delivery of course materials compared to methods employed in past years.

Stockton University (Fall, 2018 semester):


Consulting projects

I am available for hire as a consultant for commercial projects and partners interested in utilizing my services.

Some of the types of projects I am interested include:

  • Web development projects (WordPress etc.)
  • IT and technology projects (Linux and Windows server issues)
  • Writing and copyediting projects
  • Video production and photography

I have created this section of my website due to the numerous inquiries I receive from users of my web services.

Public records research services

Due to my reputation for making use of the New Jersey Open Public Records Act (OPRA) for investigative reporting, I am often asked about assisting in researching a given topic for individuals and business owners using OPRA. I will soon be offering OPRA research services for those who would like to have me research a specific topic and provide them with the records I obtain.

Rates for these services will be announced on this website at a later date.

I cannot provide legal advice to you about an OPRA request or how to proceed with a specific legal strategy.

Please contact me if you would like to discuss a potential project.

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The easiest way to help support my work is to support me with a monthly contribution on Patreon. The biggest expense to support my operation each month is typically server space and related web hosting expenses.

If you would like to support my work with software defined radio (SDR) such as OC Radio Live, please consider subscribing to a premium plan at a reasonable monthly rate. The premium plan will enable additional features of the site as well as enable you to go as far back as two months back in time in our archives. Premium plan subscriptions help us to add more channels and defray the costs of web hosting.

Bitcoin contributions are accepted at this address: 1CD1pzuknYNeRVmHNN3SavPfTLuq3Ef5CQ

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