Public records & research

As the creator of New Jersey’s largest public records research platform, Gavin is deeply familiar with the public records request process. With a journalistic and academic background, he is comfortable researching and synthesizing information from various sources.

Web & technology

Gavin is comfortable implementing and working with modern web, desktop & mobile technologies, including Linux & open source software and web development tools. His work as an IT solution provider allowed him to develop significant experience in this realm.

Media & communications

In the course of his work as an independent journalist, Gavin has produced and edited written reports and editorials as well as videos & audio podcasts. He also has experience writing press releases.


Excellence in Local News 2019, Innovate Local

Received for my work with OPRAmachine
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Student Leader of the Month

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Readers’ Choice Best Computer Repair 2012

Recent & Upcoming Talks

I will be giving an overview of my recent work with government transparency and how the OPRAmachine platform works and our advocacy …

I will be speaking about how the New Jersey Open Public Records Act (OPRA) can be applied to researching the opiod addiction crisis. …

Recorded video of talk:   I will be speaking about my experience implementing open source software and working the RTLSDR …

I will be presenting an in-person and webinar event about OPRAmachine, my statewide freedom of information platform serving New Jersey.


Map and analyze 911 call data

New Jersey’s first statewide freedom of information platform

Online SDR trunked radio scanner & archive for Ocean County, NJ

Political news and commentary for the Jersey Shore


Living in close proximity to the Oyster Creek nuclear power plant in Lacey Township has always left me interested in studying …

My statement on my candidacy for school board

I spoke with NJ Tech Weekly’s Esther Surden on the impact of OPRAmachine

Responding to an attorney’s commentary about OPRAmachine’s impact on crime victim privacy


I present a summary of some of the current issues involving the administration of state & local tax abatement policy and its effects on revenues of taxing entities within the municipality.



Graduate Assistant

William J. Hughes Center for Public Policy

Sep 2019 – Present Galloway, NJ

Research Assistant

William J. Hughes Center for Public Policy

Feb 2019 – Jul 2019 Galloway, NJ

Teaching Assistant

Stockton University

Sep 2018 – Dec 2018 Galloway, NJ


Ocean County College (Fall, 2017):

In this class, working with Professor John A. Brogan, Sr., I participated in an exercise that saw the students create their own jobs program for recovering addicts. Students addressed recidivism and integrating recovering addicts into community organizations & programs.

A significant role that I played in this class was providing technology assistance to the professor and helping to modernize teaching methods.

Stockton University (Fall, 2018):

For the fall, 2018 semester I served as the teaching assistant for two of Professor Linda J. Wharton’s classes at Stockton. Both courses feature in-depth study & discussion of key decisions of the United States Supreme Court.


I am available for hire as a consultant for commercial projects and partners interested in utilizing my services.

Some of the types of projects I am interested include:

  • Web development projects (WordPress etc.)
  • IT and technology projects (Linux and Windows server issues)
  • Writing and copyediting projects
  • Video production and photography

Please contact me if you would like to discuss a potential project.

OPRA Research

What Gavin is researching using the Open Public Records Act

Data obtained via the OPRAmachine API:

  • OPRA requests

    Requested from: Monmouth County

    Status: Response

    [1]Web Portal

    "Catherine Kim" <[email address]> has sent you an encrypted message via Encrypted Message Exchange. You have 1 day(s) left to collect th…

  • OPRA requests

    Requested from: Monmouth County

    Status: Follow up

    This format is useless. Please just send these as email attachments.

    Yours sincerely,

    Gavin Rozzi

  • OPRA requests

    Requested from: Monmouth County

    Status: Response

    [1]Web Portal

    "Catherine Kim" <[email address]> has sent you an encrypted message via Encrypted Message Exchange. You have 16 day(s) left to collect t…

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