Mapping New Jersey’s overdose hotspots: Insights from state administrative data

Efforts to collect statewide data on the opiate crisis in New Jersey have been underway since 2014 when former Attorney General John J. Hoffman issued a directive requiring local law enforcement to report all deployments of Narcan™ (Naloxone), the lifesaving overdose reversal drug.1

Since then, officials at the New Jersey State Police, Office of Drug Monitoring & Analysis have amassed thousands of geotagged records documenting state and local law enforcement’s response to the opiate crisis in New Jersey, an important resource for analyzing precisely which regions of the state have been affected by the opiate crisis.

Read the full post at the New Jersey State Policy Lab website

  1. J.J. Hoffman, Attorney General Law Enforcement Directive 2014-2, New Jersey Office of the Attorney General, 2014. (accessed June 3, 2022) ↩︎

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Gavin Rozzi
Gavin Rozzi
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Gavin Rozzi is a data scientist from New Jersey with expertise in leveraging public sector datasets, spatial data & mapping and emerging technologies to inform public policy development.

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