Automating web scraping with GitHub Actions and R: an example from New Jersey

GitHub Actions is a powerful tool for building code, running tests & other repetitive tasks related to software development. It’s also a powerful, if somewhat underutilized tool for deploying web scrapers written in R to the internet and automatically publishing a version-controlled copy of the scraped data using GitHub.

njtr1: An R package to download & analyze New Jersey car crash data

In this post I will introduce njtr1, my new R package that makes it easier to research road safety in New Jersey using open data released by the New Jersey Department of Transportation with a consistent and simple API, eliminating the manual drudgery currently inherent in working with these data.

What's new in zipcodeR v0.2?

I first released my open-source R package for processing U.S. ZIP codes, zipcodeR, in September. From then until December, when I am writing this, the package has received more than 3000 downloads and a lot of interest from the community.

Sentiment analysis of Governor Murphy's executive orders

There has been a lot of interest in Governor Murphy’s executive orders and the various public health restrictions they’ve codified during the COVID-19 pandemic. In this post I will show how sentiment analysis can be applied to the governor’s executive orders in New Jersey to analyze the content of them.

An R package that makes working with US ZIP codes painless

In this post I will introduce zipcodeR, my new open-source R package that provides a set of integrated functions and data that make working with ZIP code-level data easier in R.