Recent & Upcoming Talks

Keeping Them Honest: Using the Power of OPRA to Hold Public Officials Accountable

How can public records requests be used to hold local public officials accountable? Gavin Rozzi, creator of the OPRAmachine public records web service will speak about the types of records that can be used by activists seeking to hold their local …

Using Freedom of Information Laws to Enhance Academic Research

The Department of Research and Academic Engagement at Drug Policy Alliance is excited to host Gavin Rozzi for our upcoming webinar. Freedom of information laws are often used by journalists to uncover documents, data & information at the state and …

Using Data and Emerging Technologies to Improve Urban Life

The [Rutgers Urban and Civic Informatics Lab (RUCI Lab)]( was recently founded at the Bloustein School, with the mission of using new sources of data and emerging technologies to study the health of cities, and by doing …

Guest Speaker: Democratic Club of Waretown

I will be giving an overview of my recent work with government transparency and how the OPRAmachine platform works and our advocacy efforts regarding the OPRA law.

A data-driven approach to combatting addiction

I will be speaking about how the New Jersey Open Public Records Act (OPRA) can be applied to researching the opiod addiction crisis. Using example requests, I will show how addiction professionals can tap into various types of police records and data …

Reimagining the police scanner in the era of the software defined radio

Recorded video of talk: I will be speaking about my experience implementing open source software and working the RTLSDR platform to create an online timeshifting police, fire & EMS scanner that outperforms commercially availalble hardware scanners in many respects.

Using OPRAmachine to file public records requests without the hassle

I will be presenting an in-person and webinar event about OPRAmachine, my statewide freedom of information platform serving New Jersey.