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My work with OPRAmachine recently saw me interviewed by the newsletter of an organization that represents the interests of local and county utilities authorities around the state.

Eric San Juan, a writer for the Association of Environmental Authorities of New Jersey’s newsletter, interviewed me earlier in the summer about the impact of my statewide freedom of information platform, OPRAmachine.

The AEA-NJ was interested in OPRAmachine because their member authorities are subject to the state’s freedom of information law, the New Jersey Open Public Records Act. Many of those authorities have been receiving requests through OPRAmachine and the interview provided an opportunity to communicate my platform’s benefits to citizens, public officials and other stakeholders with an interest in obtaining public records from New Jersey state and local government.

The article and interview were written from the perspective of member authorities and how OPRAmachine may impact them. It also included commentary from a public official who expressed their personal opinions about the site and compliance with New Jersey’s OPRA law.

The full article appears in the AEA-NJ’s summer, 2018 edition of their “Authority View” newsletter, which is accessible to member municipal and county utilities authorities.

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Gavin Rozzi
Gavin Rozzi
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Gavin Rozzi is a data scientist from New Jersey with expertise in leveraging public sector datasets, spatial data & mapping and emerging technologies to inform public policy development.

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