TrentonTracker is a powerful new civic platform that makes it easy for anyone to engage with New Jersey politics, with a focus on the state legislature and governor.

The New Jersey state Senate & General Assembly consider thousands of pieces of legislation each year, but the official legislature website has fallen behind the times and doesn’t work well on mobile devices.

Against this background, TrentonTracker aims to create. The site is built as a Progressive Web App which allows for fast performance and native app-like features. The entire site was built with GatsbyJS as a fully static website. The data layer of the app is served via the R Plumber library which exposes a custom JSON REST API of New Jersey legislative data, which integrates official data with other sources while also making use of my open-source R library zipcodeR to enable users to look up their legislators by ZIP code.

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Gavin Rozzi
Gavin Rozzi
Pushing the boundaries of data, technology & public policy

Gavin Rozzi is a data scientist from New Jersey with expertise in leveraging public sector datasets, spatial data & mapping and emerging technologies to inform public policy development.