Interview with NJ Tech Weekly

I spoke with NJ Tech Weekly's Esther Surden on the impact of OPRAmachine

Response to NJ Law Journal Article

Responding to an attorney's commentary about OPRAmachine's impact on crime victim privacy

Interview with PrincetonInfo

I was interviewed by PrincetonInfo about my work modernizing public records with OPRAmachine

Rozzi Wins Excellence in Local News Award

Gavin Rozzi wins the 2019 Excellence in Local News Award in the Innovate Local category from NJ News Commons

OPRAmachine: 1 Year Later

Reflections on how the site grew from 2017-18

Interview with Jersey Shore Online Re: Monmouth County OPRAmachine Lawsuit

Why we're suing Monmouth County for violating OPRA

OPRAmachine Webinar at Montclair

I presented a free webinar at Montclair University on streamlining public records requests

Interview with AEA-NJ Newsletter

I was interviewed about my work with OPRA and public records for the August, 2018 edition of the newsletter of the Association of Environmental Authorities of New Jersey, which represents local and county utilities authorities.

OPRAmachine update: The $1000 email metadata & other pushback from government agencies

I was recently interviewed about some of the legal & technical challenges the OPRAmachine team has encountered while running the site.

Document Production in Rozzi v. OAG

State court judge in Trenton orders New Jersey Attorney General's Office to produce email logs after legal dispute.

A Conversation With Jeff Epstein and Patrick Duff Re: OPRA & Open Government

I spoke with Jeff & Patrick about public records research and recent developments.

Discussing OPRAmachine's Impact With WLFR Radio's Bill Watt

I was interviewed by WLFR's Bill Watt for his show Watt's The Move