911maps is an open-source web application for mapping and visualizing 911 call data obtained from New Jersey municipalities. It currently supports data exports from the Active911 system, but can be extended to support other types of CAD systems. In addition to mapping and displaying trends in calls, it can produce advanced heatmap visualizations showing call activity in various municipalities.

The project evolved from my earlier work in 2018 creating the Toms River 911 Call Explorer, a small web development project that I created to visualize data that I obtained using an OPRA request.

The new version, since the 911maps name was adopted, is powered by the Django web framework and is no longer limited solely to Toms River. Currently, all 33 towns in Ocean County and thousands of incidents are tracked by the site, which is nearing a public beta launch.

I am using the site for research as a part of my graduate studies in Data Science & Strategic Analytics and am working with stakeholders from the community to use the data for combatting opiate addiction.

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Gavin C. Rozzi
Gavin C. Rozzi
Pushing the boundaries of data, technology & public policy

Gavin Rozzi is a data scientist from New Jersey. Gavin studies urban informatics, environmental factors affecting the spread of COVID-19 & public policy development.

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