My lawsuit against the AG’s office

Document Production in Rozzi v. OAG

I recently obtained the following documents from the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office (OAG) which were produced in response to a court order isued in my lawsuit against the OAG. The documents were copies of email logs that show messages sent and received by the OAG’s custodian of records, who is responsible for complying with the provision of the New Jersey Open Public Records Act (OPRA) by way of responding to requests made under the state freedom of information law.

My lawsuit, which was filed in Mercer County Superior Court, resulted in an an order for the Attorney General’s office to produce the (redacted) copies of the documents that I originally requested back in November, 2017. Additional delays were added by the fact that the documents required a significant number of redactions due to the OPRA custodian’s additional responsibilities in the OAG, such as those related to homeland security.

My attorney, CJ Griffin, Esq. ultimately prevailed over the creative legal argument advanced by the AG’s Office. The AG’s legal position was particularly novel because the legal briefings cited OPRA cases as old as 2004 while essentially attempting to pretend the New Jersey Supreme Court’s ruling in Paff v. Galloway Township (2017) never happened.

Both the documents that were recently produced by the OAG in response to Judge Mary Jacobson, A.J.S.C.’s ruling in this case are available on the original request thread on OPRAmachine.

Gavin Rozzi
Journalist, Public Records Researcher & Web Developer

Journalist, Public Records Researcher & Web Developer


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